11e Edition du 20 au 22 mars 2020 - Maison du Peuple - 55h non-stop! (du vendredi 13h au dimanche 20h)
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Donations & billets “de soutien”

The Ludesco Festival is non-profit-making and is entirely organised by a committee of loyal volunteers without whom your favourite festival would not exist!

If you would like to make a gesture to Ludesco, we propose 2 ways of helping in the development of our weekend of gaming:


Billets de soutien:

If you would like to support the festival, we sell a weekend pass for CHF 20.- which includes a donation. These tickets entitle the holder to take part in the prize draw that will see the luckiest go away with some great games!



You can also make a donation via a bank transfer.
Our IBAN: CH4900766000101137801