Ludesco is back from 15 to 17 March 2024. From Friday 1pm to Sunday 8pm --> 55 hours non-stop! We are looking forward to seeing you!
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Archives 2010 – 2019

Here you will find the posters and programs from all the previous festival editions.
Clic here to access the photo galleries and here for videos.

10th edition – 15th to 17th march 2019

Affiche_Ludesco_2018    Couverture_programme_2018

9th edition – 16th to 18th march 2018

Affiche_Ludesco_2018    Couverture_programme_2018

8th edition – 10th to 12th march 2017

Affiche_Ludesco_2017    Couverture_programme_2017

7th edition – 11th to 13th march 2016


6th edition – 13th to 15th march 2015

Ludesco2015_affiche     ludesco2015-programme

5th edition – 7th to 9th march 2014

Ludesco2014_affiche      Ludesco2014_programme

4th edition – 15th to 17th march 2013

ludesco2013affiche     ludesco2013affiche

3rd edition – 16th to 18th march 2012

Ludesco2012_affiche     Ludesco2012_programme

2nd edition – 11th to 13th march 2011

Ludesco2011_affiche      Ludesco2011_programme

1st edition – 19th to 21st march 2010

Ludesco2010_affiche     Ludesco2010_programme