11e Edition du 26 au 28 mars 2021 - Maison du Peuple - 55h non-stop! (du vendredi 13h au dimanche 20h)
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Donations and sponsorship

Ludesco is a non-profit organization. The entire festival is organized by a volunteer based committee.

There are several ways of helping us grow and become a major player in the gaming world:

Sponsorship pass
Ask for the sponsorship pass available at the ticket office at a price of 20.-. Not only does this pass allow you access to the entire festival, it also automatically engages your name in the raffle. The lucky winners will be awarded different prizes, among which some valuable games!

Raffle tickets
If you wish to take part in the Ludesco raffle (Sunday at 18:00), you can purchase your ticket at a price of 10.- at the ticket office. Prizes include board games.

We welcome donations of any amounts directly on our bank account:
IBAN: CH56 0624 0575 1014 8190 9