Ludesco revient du 25 au 27 mars 2022. Nous t'attendons avec impatience !
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Join our staff by becoming one of Ludesco´s 100 volunteers and participating in one of Switzerland´s biggest gaming events!

Without the help of its numerous volunteers that contribute greatly to its growing success, Ludesco wouldn´t be anywhere near where it is today. Many thanks to everyone!

If you dream of being a barman, if you get a kick out of new challenges like that of peeling 100 carrots in the shortest amount of time, or if you are a natural charmer and wish to experience the festival from the inside, our team is waiting for you! Clic here to sign-up online.

The registration process is done in two steps: first, decide on how many hours you wish to dedicate to the festival, and choose your preferred area of work. Then, you will receive an e-mail containing a link to your personal account on youstaff, where you will be able to edit your profile and tell us about your availability.

We are looking for volunteers to help us carry out this great adventure for the following areas:

Set-up / strike
Are you an expert at The Builders, or simply enjoy dealing with spatial logistics? Help us set up the decoration on Thursday or strike on Monday after the festival is over.

Game explainer
Help the gamers find their way through the choice of games, help groups form and guide them towards new gaming adventures! No need to be a gaming expert to sign up as a game explainer. Two (optional) training days are organized before the festival so you can get familiar with the most commonly played- and the most useful games. On top of learning how to play cool games, these training sessions are a great opportunity of meeting new people in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Ticket office
If Panic on Wall Street doesn’t impress you or if you simply enjoy welcoming people, help us sell tickets that open to a world of 55 hours of pure pleasure and orient visitors to the magic universe of Ludesco.

Game playing makes you thirsty and hungry! If the Beer game holds no secret for you or if you feel the call to become a barman, help our visitors quench their thirst and satisfy their hunger by working at one of our food and refreshment points.

If Pizza Time is your favorite book… Or if you find the challenge of feeding 3´000 hungry gamers exciting, help us run our kitchen as a cook or dishwasher.

Volunteer corner
If you are power-thirsty like in Quo Vadis or if you just like to help our volunteers feel at ease, participate in the conception and setting up of the space that is dedicated to our precious staff.

Are you a Zack & Pack champion? Help us maintain our different spaces clean during the entire duration of the festival in order to guarantee our visitors´comfort.

For more information or in case of emergency, send us a message at benevoles[at], we will answer you asap.

All our staff members are awarded free entrance to the festival and receive several vouchers for food and drinks.