11e Edition du 20 au 22 mars 2020 - Maison du Peuple - 55h non-stop! (du vendredi 13h au dimanche 20h)
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Ludesco is a boardgame, role games and gaming experiences festival which takes place during a weekend of 55 solid hours of gaming. Thank to a rich program and a warm welcome, this cultural event gathers different people of all ages in a very friendly atmosphere. Ludesco, contraction of « LUDIQUE » a french word meaning playfull and « UNESCO », is based in the heart of La Chaux-de-Fonds and occupys some sites of the city in order to transform them into playgrounds.
After eight editions crowned with success, Ludesco returns and renews the bet to organize, the time of a 55 hour weekend, an ambitious game festival.

Ludesco, is a bet : that of assembling game connaisseurs as well as newcomers, the passionate and the curious, young and not so young, players from here, there and everywhere. On site, we put a range of over 500 games at your disposition and have numerous activities : initiations, tournaments, role play games (for regular players or curious neophytes), conferences and workshops.

Ludesco is an atmosphere : everyone is invited to discover or help others to discover. The game explainers are there to help you, to try out and test new games and explain the basics. These professionals present the games, which hold no secrets for them, the lecturers shine a light on the world of game playing. The activities, which are open to everyone, will let you test your ability or your curiousity during devilish tournaments or convoluted role play games.

Ludesco, it’s a meeting full of fun : because we offer the possibility to other associations, to players and the curious alike to get together and exchange, Ludesco is also a platform for meeting and making discoveries.

In 2018, you’ll also find the presentation of the Swiss Gamers Award! After a huge success with the participation of Swiss game clubs and the apparition of the logo on the winning game’s box, Ludesco reiterates and relaunches its call to vote : players and friends ! elect the best game of 2018.

For all of these very good reasons, come one and all and join us from 15 to 17 March 2019 at la Maison du Peuple in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland !